• Complete site plan view

  • Perspective drawing showing rear of house, bar, hot tub & terrace

  • Perspective showing pavillion and tennis viewing area

  • Perspective showing remodelled front of house

  • Perspective showing curving grass beds & lake with decked retreat

  • View from bar area, across garden towards lake

  • Section elevations

  • Moodboard for area near house

  • Moodboard for the main garden

Sweeping Grass Beds and a Lakeside Jetty

The owners of this 2 acre country garden were keen socialisers, and wanted to redevelop the area around an existing hot-tub to create an outdoor ‘party pad’.  The existing – and badly positioned – tennis court needed visually softening and linking to the house, and a neighbouring footpath had to be screened to give more privacy.  We were also asked to include a small lake with naturalistic planting.

The existing front arrival space was unwelcoming, with parking right up to the house, and it was not immediately obvious which of the two doors was the main entrance.  The clients also requested  a conservatory and balcony on the rear of the property, so a considerable portion of the budget was allocated to home improvements, which were designed in collaboration with appropriate specialists.

The drive was reshaped, and new parking spaces provided, which meant that the area in front of  the house could be car-free and turned into a welcoming garden, with generous steps and ‘year-round’ planting.

Immediately outside the rear of the house is a natural sandstone terrace, with dining area, overhead pergola and formal pool; surrounded by beds of jewel toned planting, and a mix of structural planting softened by ornamental grasses.  The hot-tub was sunk into a raised deck, with glass balustrading giving sheltered views across the garden.  A circular bar, built around an existing outbuilding, helps integrate it into the garden, and provides a place to eat, drink and socialise.

Sweeping beds of ornamental grasses reflect the nearby corn fields, and lead down to a lake, with large deck jetty and naturalistic planting.  Wildflower meadows and native hedging help create a relaxed feel, and blend the garden into it’s surroundings.

A tennis pavilion does double duty as a place to sit and watch the game, whilst also providing a focal point at the end of the avenue of orchard trees.  This, and the staggered beech hedging visually lesson the impact of the tennis court, and link it back to the house.


"It was such a pleasure to work with Sophie.....she listened to all we had to say about how we wanted our garden to work for our lifestyle"

Mr and Mrs D

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Sweeping Grass Beds and a Lakeside Jetty

2011 Society of Garden Designer’s Garden Design Student of the Year.

Sweeping Grass Beds and a Lakeside Jetty

2012 Association of Professional Landscape Designers International Student Landscape Design Award, Joint winner.

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